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making a mask for Halloween

Toronto. The other day my grand daughter sent me this photo of her brother having a halloween mask made at home. She is eight years old and took this image with her iPad camera, which has a 3.3mm f/2.4 lens and auto corrects everything.

Currently she is saving up for a “good” digital camera, such as those likely to be auctioned off on the 17th at our estate auction or offered at our spring fair next year. I included her photo to show just how far we have come since 1839. Today, even a child can take a technically sound image. But it takes a trained and experienced photographer to choose the correct location, subject, lighting and framing to separate the snap-shots and family mementos from serious photographs.

With her studious and detailed approach to things around her today, I can see her becoming that kind of trained and experienced photographer in future.

Note the original was saved as an HEIC file – Apple’s latest chosen standard for smartphone photos. I converted to JPEG so it is viewable on more computers (the latest release of Windows 10 reads HEIC but earlier versions do not, nor does my old iPod Touch on iOS 9.3.5). HEIC saves stills like JPEG and short animations like GIFs which is how Apple smartphones save stills and very short videos combined.

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