drop it!

a local little league game with players facing off (early 2014)

Toronto. One of the specialities photographers often chose was sports photography. We have had sports photographers and sports topics at the society from time to time. At least one sports photographer and author (Les Jones) has even been president (plus programme secretary and an inspiration to others). Les favours soccer as his sport of choice and follows the game world wide.

In the days of film, a good shot could be selected and paid for at a good price by newspapers and magazines. Digital technology made the sports shots much easier to capture (eg, remote control of cameras strategically placed, far greater sensitivity reducing the amount of light needed for action shots, etc.). The down side was the ease with which an entire batch could be transmitted for choice by a remote editor within hours. This seemed great at first but it cut the fee per selection to a fraction of its earlier value.

At above left are kids playing in a small hockey league. A very few will go on to the minors (farm clubs) and even fewer to the NHL. Growing up, our local team was a farm team for the Boston Bruins making it difficult to choose an NHL favourite (in the original six teams Canadians generally favoured the Leafs or Habs).


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