down periscope

First Periflex model

Toronto. The Corfield Periflex line fulfilled the post-war demand in Britain for  a quality 35mm camera. The cameras copied the old Leica screw mount bodies without a rangefinder or (initially) a viewfinder.

Borrowing from the SLR world, a periscope and mirror slid in between lens and film to allow focussing  on part of the image. The lens mount was threaded to fit all Leica screw mount lenses.

We saw a few occasionally at our fairs. To the modern smartphone camera user, the Periflex was downright slow and complicated to use, yet well loved in Britain for the few years it was marketed.  A quality camera at a good price, far cheaper than a Leica.

N.B. The title of this post recognizes the many submarine movies of the last century. My favourite being the German film “Das Boot” which was sadly by far the most authentic.

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