did you hear? the fat’s in the auction!

a beautiful example of a 1931 9cm Fat Elmar in black enamel with both caps

Toronto. The 9cm Elmar was made from 1931 to 1968 – nearly 40 years. It was an early addition to the Leica stable once interchangeable lenses were marketed. The 9cm focal length had a pleasant presentation of head and bust size portraits.

In 1931 and 1932, the 9cm Elmar was sold in the so called ‘fat‘ mount – reminiscent of the mount for the faster 73mm Hektor lens. After 2 years the mount was offered in the ‘thin’ version. Production of the ‘fat’ Elmar lasted 2 years and totalled just under 2,500 made – under 1,000 in 1931. The very earliest 9cm Elmars have neither an external serial number, nor a means to adjust a rangefinder as the focussing mount is turned.

You don’t have one in your collection yet? Well are you in luck, A 1931 Fat Elmar 9cm lens in beautiful black enamel with neither a serial number nor linkage to a rangefinder will be offered in its own brown leather case at the June 25 & 26 Port Colborne auction.

Note. The title for this post is a riff on the old saying (no so in this case), “the fat’s in the fire“.

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