did ya hear da news ….

Trident Hall home of our Fall Fair – October 1st, 2022

Toronto. Well the Ontario election is over. A bit underwhelming all in all, but Dougie is back in power and the Trident Hall is open for business once again.

Our FALL FAIR – THE BIG ONE – is on Saturday, OCTOBER 1st, at the TRIDENT HALL (Evans and Islington) in westend Toronto this year (Note the day:SATURDAY).

Free parking, modest admission cost, good food. As usual there will be cameras, lenses, accessories, darkroom gear, studio stuff, camaraderie, books, film, digital things – all there to add to your collection or shooting equipment whether you favour film or digital!

Want a table? contact fair@phsc.ca and place your request/pay the fee. A reservation form in pdf format is on this site here and under FAIRS in the black horizontal menu bar above.

No idea where the hall is located? Not to worry, as we near October, directions etc will be posted here.

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