David Breashears dead at 68

David Breashears and IMAX camera on Mount Everest c1996

Toronto. David was perhaps best known for his documentary in IMAX on climbing Mount Everest. Clay Risen wrote an obituary for the NYT (linking to the actual obituary, you’ll hit a paywall if you do not have an account) .

According to City News , “This photo [at top left] provided by Arcturus Motion Pictures, Inc., shows Mountaineer, filmmaker and author David Breashears while filming the IMAX documentary “Everest” that premiered in 1998.

“Breashears, 68, died on Thursday, March 14, 2024 at his home in Marblehead, Mass. (Arcturus Motion Pictures, Inc. via AP)”.

You may not be aware, but the IMAX process originated here in Southern Ontario. IMAX used a larger film and a much larger frame. The film ran at high speed horizontally. Both Mark Singer of PHSC and the late Ron Walker of the PHSC were involved to a small degree with the IMAX process.

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