an upside down view – February 1953 article in Popular Mechanics

Toronto. When I saw this article sent to me by George Dunbar, it reminded me of two things: the movie shorts about  ‘Our Gang‘ and the Saturday Evening Post sketches by well known illustrator, Norman Rockwell.

Anyone who studied optics or anatomy knows the world we see is really upside down, and righted by our brain. Modern generations often have smart phones – even grade school kids – and no idea that the old film field cameras with a ground glass back for framing and focussing show the scene reversed and upside down! Photographers of that period were use to the ground glass image.

A big thank you goes to George Dunbar, that great photo historian, for finding and sharing the article with us.

Note: This post is in memory of an old 1960s band called, “Spanky and Our Gang“. Here they sing one of their top songs on Sunday night’s Ed Sullivan Show, “Sunday will Never be the Same“.

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