celebrating 100 years of Bergenland as part of Austria

Rust, farmer with harvested Burgundy beets, 1931 by Franz Swoboda

Toronto. Our friends in Westlicht, are mounting an exhibit originally planned for a November start but now beginning December 14, 2021 celebrating a century of Bergenland photographs, titled “BORDERLAND IN FOCUS. 100 YEARS BURGENLAND“. The exhibition was delayed by COVID. The famous auction house needs the help of us all to promote this event.

Westlicht explains, “As you know, we had to start the exhibition GRENZLAND IN FOKUS. 100 YEARS BURGENLAND postponed due to lockdown. 

“But now we want to be there again for our visitors. We are showing the remarkable exhibition from December 14th and would be delighted if you could support us with an announcement during this difficult time for all cultural establishments.

“The exhibition was created in cooperation with the Burgenland Cultural Companies and the Burgenland Provincial Archives and offers an exciting photographic journey through the history of the youngest Austrian federal state.”

Feel free to copy this material. Browse the exhibit news on line via Google or your favourite search engine (eg. use the search words: GRENZLAND IN FOKUS. 100 YEARS BURGENLAND) .

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