Cascade Now Online

PORTLAND, OREGON. Cascade editor Ralph London ceased publication of the printed version of the Panorama back in December 2003. In October of 2010 with the help of Charlie Kamerman who did the layout, he published the first pdf version of the Panorama as the Reunion issue which you can read by clicking the logo at left. In this issue, Ralph acknowledges our editor Bob Lansdale (Ralph reprinted an article based on one in our own journal). Be sure to enjoy this excellent full colour edition which runs to 37 pages including a few errata (12+megs it will take a few seconds to arrive on your screen).

There is an interesting and timely article on the Harrison Globe lens by Milan Zahorcak. Harrison’s lens predates the Pantoscop which I displayed at our December meeting. It  has a similar element layout but offers a smaller 80 degree view (about a 24mm lens on a Leica) vs. the wider 100 degree angle of the Pantoscop. Look at Kingslake’s book, A History of the Photographic Lens to compare the two lenses (pp 52-3).

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