carousel anyone?

Article about an early round tray window projection device

Toronto. For many years the Kodak Carousel series of slide projectors with round horizontal trays were the top of the line in North America. One series was sold for home use and a second series as industrial machines. This short article describes what could well be the ancestor if not the inspiration for Carousel projectors!

The article from the May 1940 issue of Popular Mechanics shows a “16 glass slide apparatus” intended for retail store window displays. I notice that some slides appear to be Kodachrome 35mm transparencies by the frames used.

The slides are positioned 90 degrees from those in traditional Carousel trays. Since Kodachrome was very new in 1940, an author might think of the much older glass slides for this store front automated marketing gadget.

Once again a big thanks to good friend and PHSC member, George Dunbar, for sharing this article with us.

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