Canada, eh?

A Canadian story in the September, 1938 issue of American Cinematographer

Toronto. America is well known for its rather insular approach to us small fry. But occasionally the mighty country to the south goes out of its way to feature an article on a Canadian event.

This article, called, “Canadians Pack Sports Arena to see Duncan Little’s Film of Race” tells the story of a film shown in the new sports arena in the town of Shawinigan Falls, Quebec by New Yorker Duncan Little. The projector was the Bell and Howell model 130, designed for auditoriums. The projector used the then new 1,200 watt lamp.

A big ‘thank you’ goes out to our good friend and retiree, George Dunbar for sourcing and sharing this rare Canadian story in an American magazine, in this case the September, 1938 American Cinematography magazine.

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