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sample Skitch Studio negative – click to see positive

Toronto. As many of you may know, amongst other ideals, we are devoted to helping others with photographic history questions – especially Canadian. The other day we had a question from the curator of the Lennox-Addington Museum and Archives in Napanee, Ontario.

JoAnne writes, “I facebook messaged your group yesterday regarding some possible assistance in identifying the type of camera a studio photographer was using here in Napanee 1925-1950.

“Attached are couple of the digitized negatives [prints]. I have asked the archivist to take a photo of a negative which is attached and it measures – 16 x 11.5 cm. [about 4.5 x 6 inches]

“I am so appreciative of any help with this.”

Her Facebook chat is as follows: “Hi We have a large fonds of photograph negatives from Harry Skitch who had a studio here in Napanee from 1925-1950. He took mainly wedding portraits. I would like to include some of his wedding portraits in an upcoming exhibit.

“Would someone in your membership be able to help me determine the type of camera he may have used. I would like to display a camera as part of this show too, but want to be sure I am not displaying something incorrectly. We have his negatives, would looking at one help deduce the type of camera that would have been used? Any help or reference to help is greatly appreciated.”

We relied, “Thank you for reaching out. We can certainly try! The longer timeframe that his studio was open for may make things a bit difficult, but we may be able to narrow it down. If you have a few examples of the negatives that have been digitized, you can forward them to (I will let our webmaster know to expect a message or two!) along with any date and size details.”

Please click on the following two links to see the wedding prints – the Millses and the Moores. If you can help, send me a note at If the site email server happens to be slow, please wait a while and try again. I am testing a backup program and the site seems to be affected during this program’s operation.

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