bugging the birds

Brian Matiash shows how AI in Photoshop an improve photos.

Toronto. One of many disciplines photographers enjoy is that of wildlife photography. In his current talk, Florida photographer Brian Matiash discusses ways to improve wildlife photos post camera.

These examples include the use of Photoshop and the latest buzzword(s)  around – Artificial Intelligence or AI. If you haven’t experimented with AI, here is your chance. Many folk still feel AI could be detrimental to us with good reason.

I recently watched the 1983 movie ‘WarGames‘ once again on TV. While the term AI is never mentioned, AI seems to be used by a computer to self modify its code causing a nervous time at NORAD as WW3 is threatened by this rogue program.

Back to modern reality, AI is showing up more and more as programs attempt to simplify the end user’s actions to create an acceptable outcome. Chess anyone?



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