Bob’s Zeiss Miroflex

Zeiss Miroflex press camera as an SLR

Toronto. Our late editor, Bob Lansdale favoured Canadian photographic history and photographs, especially Chromotypes, over cameras and hardware. He was always concerned that there would be too few hardware/camera articles in each issue of Photographic Canadiana. To this end, Bob chose to collect cameras of interest to him.

As an old news photographer mid last century, Bob picked up a nice Zeiss Miroflex. This European Press camera lived two lives – one as a standard ground glass back press camera with the vertical tower and viewer collapsed and the mirror locked up, and the other as a press SLR as shown here. Mike Butkus has a copy of the instruction manual (English) as a pdf file.

The above image is from Bob’s article in the 46-5 issue of the journal as included in the hard copy version, “Special 2020 Annual Issue”. 46-5 and the hard copy annual were only available to society members (and the hard copy version by request only).

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