April showers …

These aggressive insects were sipping rain drops from a shrub in our front garden.

Toronto. … bring May flowers … as the old saying goes. A few posts back I mentioned that inclement weather can improve landscape/cityscape photos. Witness the famous jumping man shot by Cartier-Bresson, or the mood set in various ‘film noir’ movies by weather and time of day.

Anyone familiar with those nasty bald faced hornets will know this is not an April shot. The Euonymus leaves are correct as the shrub is an evergreen, so its leaves look the same year round.

Since this is a close-up, it covers both landscape and close-up photography. By the way, come to our May 5th auction – old friends, collectibles, and even user gear go under the hammer. President Clint has many excellent lots at his disposal. I will add a slide show post this Month.

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