and where did you buy photo supplies in 1909?

Ramsey & Co Photo Supplies – Owen Staples 1909, Toronto

Toronto. Well, if you were here, you might have gone to J O Ramsey & Co Photo Supplies. This photo was taken in 1909 by Owen Staples (1866-1949) at the NE corner of Bay and Melinda. It was used by Staples to make a line drawing for the Evening Telegram (Sept 13, 1909, page 9) to illustrate an article on the demolition of buildings to make way for the new Toronto General Trusts building to go up on that corner. Of course you could also visit a large department store of the day, like the T Eaton Co. and buy your supplies. Canada at the time was more closely associated with Britain rather than the USA.

Thanks to George Dunbar for spotting the Ramsey sign. And the photograph? It’s in the Baldwin Room at the Toronto Reference Library (Asquith and Yonge) just above Bloor and Yonge. The Reference Library has a number of old city photographs and drawings, many now online on their web site too.

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