analog (film) delights

PhotoEd Magazine Spring/Summer 2019

Toronto. PhotoEd magazine has just issued a paper version of its Spring/Summer 2019 issue. This issue uses film as a theme “the resilience of analog” If you want even more of the theme topic, editor/publisher Rita Godlevskis has also produced an online version for free – with a twist. The online version is not the electronic version of the paper magazine, but it is an extension of the magazine with additional editorial content to complement the content in the for-pay paper magazine.

And the colourful ads (including ours) are included in the online version with yet another thrilling twist! If you hover over an ad and see a hand symbol, a click on the ad takes you to their web site – WOW! A big tip of the hat to Rita and her crew at PhotoEd. Thrilling ideas in this era of digital turmoil.

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