an eclectic collection

rare Velocigraphe as photographed by our late VP John Kantymir

Toronto. Some collectors seem to buy everything in sight. Others are very selective. Our past president, the late Bill Kantymir did both. Bill had a ‘bucket list’ – a list of every camera he wanted to own before he left this bag of dirt. One such camera was a Dr Krugener Simplex that he showed at our 2013 ‘Show and Tell’ session.

Another is this rare Velocigraphe show above. The photos are from a page in our journal, ‘Photographic Canadiana‘ (hard copy issue 46-5 pp 20-1). Many things not on his list were sold at our fairs or auctions. Things that were better than he had already, he bought and freed up the less attractive item, like the Posographe he sold to me years ago. In summary, you can be a collector of specific makes, manufactures, everything, or keep a list like Bill.

Regardless of your predilection, visit our fairs, auctions, shows, and other events and you may well be able to add that special item to your collection – or upgrade the quality of what you happen to have on hand!

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