Airplane Photography in 1919

Frontispiece – Airplane Photography by H E Ives (Lippencott 1920)

Toronto. My friend George Dunbar seems to find many fascinating sites on the internet. He sent me a note on Thursday, last about Airplane Photography. The topic is covered in a book by  Herbert Eugene Ives (1882-1953) published by Lippencott and long out of print.

The preface by Ives is dated November 1919 while the book is copyright 1920 – now in the public domain. It is on the site which is the Way Back Machine mentioned here before. The physical book is in the Robarts Library at the University of Toronto.

George says, “A wonderfully comprehensive discourse on the art of ‘Airplane Photography’ by Herbert E. Ives, published in 1920. Contains complete descriptions of cameras, films and processing in great detail”.

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