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Rare-Merit by Colleen Skidmore

Toronto. Since the beginning of photography, the vast majority of photographers have been male. Rare exceptions have occurred such as Julia Margaret Cameron in the mid 1800s (she was one of the portrait photographers presented by the late Gerry Loban).

The key figure I recall was Margaret Bourke-White and her daring 1931 shot from the top of the Chrysler building in NYC.  She became famous as the photographer featured on the cover of the first LIFE magazine in 1936. Post war, society has shed its sexism and female photographers have proliferated. PHSC member and founder of the Baldwin Street Gallery, Laura Jones, is an authority on women in photography.

My good friend, George Dunbar suggests this book by Colleen Skidmore. Which offers a look at women photographers in Canada from 1840 – 1940.

George writes, “Another new book that may interest PHSC members is now available at the Toronto Public Library – RARE MERIT: WOMEN IN PHOTOGRAPHY IN CANADA, 1840-1940 by Colleen Skidmore.” Drop in at the TPL (or pick up a copy at Indigo/Chapters).

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