a view from above

c1932 AUFSU waist level viewfinder for Leica

Toronto. When the novel Leica camera took off in the 1930s, Leitz created a plethora of accessories to allow the tiny marvel to be used for almost every photographic task.

Years earlier, folders and box cameras used a viewfinder where one looked down to see the scene in front of the camera – the ‘belly button school of photography’ later emulated by the twin lens reflex cameras.

To allow a Leica to do this effect, a right angle viewer called the AUFSU was offered in 1932. Improvements were made a few years later and the ‘code’ was changed accordingly.

If you are missing this earliest of waist level viewfinders, then look no further! An extremely rare example without the accessory shoe, or the ‘cross and circle’ focussing aid – just four tiny black rectangles – one in each corner of the view – will be auctioned off June 25 & 26 in our Port Colborne auction.

As a bonus, this AUFSU comes complete with a brown leather case, Both viewer and case are signed “Leitz”. See you in the Port!

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