a really snowy white Christmas

December 1941 snow fall in Toronto by Alexandra Studios courtesy of the Toronto Star

Toronto. On December 11, 1944 Toronto had its worst snowfall ever. Over a half metre of snow fell on the city. Nothing moved. A recently married future father-in-law and his friend traipsed blocks along the New Toronto streets to get to work – a story told to my wife when she was a child.

A photographer from the Alexandra studios captured the shot shown at left. It is one of a series called “125 Years of Star Photos” that appeared in the Toronto Star back on November 3, 2017 before this nasty virus arrived.

A big ‘thank you’ to one of the best camera repairmen in the city (now retired), Ulrich Barthel. Ulrich sent me an email with the link to the Star article. For many years Ulrich was a PHSC member – his Rollei collection was often on display at our fairs.

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