a positive spin on WW2

Wartime ad for ILEX optical products in Popular Photography

Toronto. Ilex of Rochester NY ran this ad in the February 1944 issue of Popular Photography. The company bravely said, “When war clouds clear **look to Ilex”. The Ilex Optical Company in Rochester made “lenses, shutters, gunsights, and other precision optical equipment” for the American war effort “on many battlefronts”.

According to Kingslake, Ilex was formed in 1910/11/12 as a spin off from Bausch & Lomb and stayed active at least to the publication of  a brochure “The Rochester Camera and Lens Companies” by the then tiny but important TPHS of Rochester in 1974.

Sadly, Ilex seems to have faded away post war in the face of better known brands. One source suggests it was gone by the mid 1980s … We seldom see Ilex products at our fairsor auctions.

We owe a big thanks to fellow PHSC member, George Dunbar, for sharing this ad and its nostalgia regarding one of the old continental European emigrant based optical firms of Rochester, NY.

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