A is for Auction …

camera from the spring 2020 auction before COVID hit us all

Toronto. … B is for Bargain, C is for Collection, D is for Digital, E is for Excitement, F is for Film … and the alphabet goes on. One thing is for certain – you will enjoy the coming Auction by the PHSC whether you are a buyer, a seller, or both!

Our April 30th (SUNDAY) event is at the same place BUT at a slightly later time to allow the Hall to complete a previous event. A poster was released by our newsletter folk giving time details – send me a note at info@phsc.ca if you aren’t on our MailChimp list and want information before I post the details here.

Come along and enjoy the fun – you may find something worthy of your collection or user niche! Something to sell? Let Clint  know in advance (and send him photos). If your offerings are accepted, I will add them to a preview post on this site for you.

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