a heck of a lens

c1931-2 5cm f/2.5 Hektor lens

Toronto. The 5cm, f/2.5 Hektor was the first ‘fast’ lens produced by Leitz for the Leica. The mount was much like its stable-mate. the 5cm, f/3.5 Elmar. About 10,000 were made, most before 1938. Production records show the beginning year was 1931, but some sources say a few were made in late 1930. Leitz made some that were camera specific. Very early none standard Hectors were not rangefinder coupled either.

Later in 1931 the so called Standard Leica was made with a standard distance from film to lens flange and from then on all lenses became interchangeable with all camera bodies. The lens mount and lenses were stamped with a tiny letter ‘O’ to signify usability of standard lenses.

If you want a 5cm Hektor for your collection, the June 25 & 26 auction in Port Colborne has one with an authentic front lens cap and marked with the small ‘O’.


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