a hazardous accessory

Charlie and the ubiquitous tripod meet

Toronto. We often consider the tripod as an innocuous accessory to stabilize photos and movies. The skit shown when the icon at left  is clicked shows just how risky that nefarious accessory can be.

The tripod in question was used with a movie camera and its instability gave a humorous element to the skit, but in practice, they can be a bit unruly. I once had a tripod without leg locks that slowly but surely sank as I used it. Other versions could give a nasty pinch to unwary users. Wooden versions, especially if worn a bit, could provide the casual shutter bug with a souvenir splinter and a sudden sharp pain in the hand.

Even table tripods could tip and unceremoniously dump expensive gear on the ground. Yes, tripods add stability and framing to a scene, but only if they are treated carefully  and due diligence is exercised!

Of course the modern day smartphone camera with  such high ISO settings and auto everything seldom needs a tripod for photos, but one does help when the phone requires hands free operation or is used in lieu of a map or GPS system.

A tip of my hat to good friend and fellow PHSC member George Dunbar.

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