a find in old New Brunswick

Robert Foulis c1860

Toronto. Our president, Clint Hryhorijiw, found the time to send me a wonderful link that reminds us that museums are great resources for photographic historians one and all. The New Brunswick Museum posted an article back on May 2, 2022 called, “A Major Gift of Late Georgian and Early Victorian New Brunswick Portraiture” donated by Anne Baker in memory to the Walker Family.

I chose this c1860 print of inventor Robert Foulis to illustrate this post. It is a copy print annotated as, “Robert Foulis, c. 1860 Photographer: Joseph D. Marsters (Canadian, born 1823) Published in: The Canadian Magazine (February 1932) letterpress halftone on wove paper 12.2 x 7.5 cm. Gift of Alice Maude Rainnie, 1949 (1981.11.9). New Brunswick Museum Collection.”

Click on the above link and see what a museum can do for you!


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