a fair to remember

at the 2009 Spring Fair

Toronto. The wait is over! After the delays prompted by COVID-19 and its regulations, we are holding our in person, in the hall Photographica-fair on October 1st (SATURDAY) at the Trident Hall (AKA the Pirogi Palace).

Come on over to Evans and Islington and share the camaraderie and thrill of finding just the right item for your user kit or collection! The photo used here was taken by the late Bob Lansdale at the spring 2009 fair up at the soccer centre. It shows a magnificent layout by the late John Kantymir.’

I have the date and location shown in the righthand side bar. As we near the actual date, I will be adding a post dedicated to this fair – our first live fair at the Trident Hall since 2019. Don’t miss it!

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