a day in the far north …

c1928 an uncle with arctic fox pelts in Manitoba – photographer unknown

Toronto. I received an email a few weeks ago from my good friend and fellow PHSC member, George Dunbar, about the late Canadian Photographer Richard Harrington. A book of his Arctic photographs taken around 1948-1953 was featured in Canada’s History magazine. The book was self titled and appeared in an article by Phil Koch called “Intuit Life in Transition“. The article states “Posted January 10, 2024”.

The arctic fox pelts photo from the book struck a chord! An uncle with a similar cape of white arctic fox pelts (image at left) was snapped  by an unknown photographer around 1928. Back home, he generously gave us one of his pelts. It was made into a stole.

Photographs of the people and landscape of the far north are part of our history, not simply collectible images. Some years back I saw a series of Inuit portraits taken by that iconic photographer, the late George Hunter and on display at Mississauga City Hall. George was a fabulous photographer, amateur pilot, and raconteur who spoke at our Toronto meeting years ago.

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