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taking the red-eye out

Toronto. When we hear that phrase today, we think the speaker is flying over-night to the coast to wake up bleary eyed and fuzzy for breakfast thousands of miles from home But that wasn’t always so. In the 1950s, colour … Continue reading

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it’s in the bag

Toronto. ┬áRemember film? The exposed film had to be processed so the results (good, bad, or indifferent) could be viewed. For years Kodachrome was purchased with processing included, but along the line the American government decreed Kodak had to separate … Continue reading

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Toronto. In the March 27th, 1964 issue of LIFE magazine (p42), the 3M company ran this unusual ad for a colour transparency film called Dynachrome. Did you ever use it? In 1954, the American government was hell-bent to separate any … Continue reading

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Film Rescue International

Digitizing the now old chemical based films is becoming a popular enterprise. Out in Saskatchewan is a small company dedicated to ┬áprocessing and transferring ┬ástill and motion picture vintage, expired and outdated film. They will not only process the old … Continue reading

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Kodachrome. Dead at 75

PARSONS, KANSAS, DECEMBER 30, 2010. KODACHROME dead at 75. Word reached us via the Globe and Mail that Kodachrome passed peacefully into history on Thursday. The popular transparency film was bright, contrasty, and slow. It arrived as 16mm movie film … Continue reading

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