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bye bye flashbulb guy

Toronto. The 1960s were pretty much the last decade for flashbulbs. They weren’t killed by fast Polaroid film as the Polaroid ad implies, but by cheap electronic flash. The electronic flash was pricier up front, but in use, it was … Continue reading

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light and bright

Toronto. What could those 8mm movie fanatics really, really want in a projector? Tiny? Compact? Light? Room filling? Bright? All of this and more? According to this September 15, 1958 ad in LIFE, Argus created all these things. Through engineering, … Continue reading

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making a difference

Toronto. In the mid 1930s, the minicam revolution sparked the rush to miniaturization in photography. Post war,¬†amateur photography’s fresh ideas were indoor photos and colour photos. Indoor photos made flash guns and flash bulbs big sellers. Companies like Sylvania marketed … Continue reading

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turning night into day

Toronto. Americans like to go BIG! In 1954, a famous Pennsylvanian railway loop called the Horseshoe Curve celebrated its centenary with an amazing night time photograph using 6,000 flash bulbs donated by Sylvania. The bulbs were connected by some 31 … Continue reading

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flash before electronic

Toronto. George Dunbar sent me another bunch of ads the other day. This one from the December, 1951 issue of Popular Photography brings back memories. I was in grade nine high school and for Christmas I was given a new … Continue reading

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