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clock work cameras

Toronto. Panoramic photographs were popular early to mid last century. Group shots were often the subject of panoramics. Various ways were used to create images with one extra long side – mostly horizontal but occasionally vertical. Cameras could be steady … Continue reading

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the best camera is …

Toronto. … the one you have with you. And today more and more it means the one in your smart phone, a gadget so handy it seldom leaves your side. To improve the modern smart phone’s single fixed lens camera … Continue reading

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computational photography

Toronto. When photographic processes were announced in January, 1839, they were slow, monochromatic, and demanding of both the photographer and the equipment. Over the years we saw the processes “simplified” and incorporated (or as Kodak famously said, “you press the … Continue reading

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21st century photographer

Toronto. The stand alone camera as we know it will soon disappear in the face of the ubiquitous smartphone (shown is an iPod Touch). Modern photographers shoot digital and view digital. The files may be downloaded to a computer and … Continue reading

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Can you spot the photographer?

Toronto. What a difference a century makes! The millennials of today with their ubiquitous smart phones are everywhere! A commercial jet lands on the Hudson river? Click! Click! Click! … A car crash occurs on the 401? Click! Click! Click! … Continue reading

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Everything Old is New Again

Toronto. George Dunbar reminded me that the TPHS newsletter put out a few months back by our friends in Rochester mentioned this interesting site. The Fojo Shop has a new version of an enlarger, easel, app, darkroom light, and supplies. … Continue reading

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Everyone carries the modern MINOX today

Toronto. In the late 1950s I was training to install, operate and maintain a radio system to bring communications to the wilds of Northern Quebec and Labrador. Part of the training included a trip to the manufacturer’s factory in Belleville … Continue reading

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