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… the sincerest form ….

Toronto. A very common expression is, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery“. And all the makers of high end cameras had it in spades! Manufactures in Russia, Japan, and even fellow German firms aped the design of the Leica, … Continue reading

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photography for squares

Toronto. From the beginning of photography prints were either landscape or portrait (i.e. rectangular). A full-plate was 8.5 x 6.5 inches. Then in the 1930s along came the famous Rollei twin lens reflex (TLR) with one viewing lens and one … Continue reading

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points of view

Toronto. Cameras of the last century tended to make a particular point of view easier. Cameras with rangefinders usually took an eye level view. Those with vertical viewfinders like some Kodaks and the famous TLRs took waist level shots – … Continue reading

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belly-button school of photography

Toronto. Camera makers tried to categorize their products as having a better way to make photos. Using a waist level finder was one way – introducing the “belly-button school of photography” – a term of which I had never heard … Continue reading

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focussing on specific fields of interest

Toronto. These two books by Alfred A Blaker are related to a 1965 book he wrote titled Photography for Scientific Publication. 1977’s Handbook for Scientific Photography is a complete rewrite of the original and covers the use of photography in … Continue reading

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Bye-bye little Rollei

Toronto. My friend Russ Forfar sent me this heads up today. Collectors the world over will be saddened at the demise of the familiar Rolleiflex line. When I was a kid,  the twin lens reflex made by Rollei was a famous alternative to a … Continue reading

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