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springtime in Alaska

Toronto. In the late 1950s I worked in Labrador and at a Christmas concert in Schefferville, Quebec. Some of the girls sang this song which Johnny Cash recorded in 1965. This tune came to mind when my friend Harold Staats … Continue reading

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same old… same old…

Toronto. In the 1950s, Samoca cameras were sold in a variety of models – all very similar, so the saying was that SAMOCA stood for SAMe Old Camera. Thanks to Ed Warner at the December meeting for bringing a quartet … Continue reading

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cheap and practical

Toronto. Not all lots are high end gear at our estate auction coming on the 17th of this month. When my kids were young, I bought them Konica C35 cameras. My youngest daughter even took her blue camera to Europe. … Continue reading

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what a colourful fair

Toronto. Yesterday we held our PHSC Fall Fair – The Big One – down at the Trident Hall. A special event was the print display of the Toronto Digital Photography Club. PHSC journal editor Bob Lansdale arrived early to help … Continue reading

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bright lights

Toronto. In the days of film, studios used lights like the Mighty-Mole to illuminate a scene or portrait (flood) and another to provide back lighting or modelling (spot). ¬†Such attention to detail is the mark of a professional. Similar lighting … Continue reading

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east side, west side

Toronto. Fall is here. The last day of the CNE for this year is the air show today. The Toronto Sun ran an article by Mike Filey and this old postcard¬†for the occasion last Saturday. Mike was an early member … Continue reading

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timely notice

Toronto. Journal editor Bob Lansdale created the PHSC newsletter in November 2001 to promote the monthly meetings and other current events between journal printings, plus offering a more economical means to publish articles better suited to colour images. The newsletter … Continue reading

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communication counts!

Toronto. No matter where you are; who you are; what you are, communication is important. October 23, 1974 at an informal meeting in Toronto, a small group of collectors met. It was decided then and there that Canada was ready … Continue reading

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under the hammer

Toronto. You can’t have a society without volunteers and funds. Enthusiasm covers the first and events and fiscal conservatism the latter. To bring in funds beyond membership fees (which are far less than costs) we host fairs and auctions. Auctions … Continue reading

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get wit da program

Toronto. The PHSC has hosted photography related speakers for over 4 decades. Our location or time seldom changes… third Wednesday every month but July and August at Memorial Hall in North York (Toronto). If the venue or times change, we … Continue reading

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