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electricity to the rescue

Toronto. Whenever a new technology or process was announced people found ways to use it for profit. A few decades ago photographers set up multi flash units to light large areas when a shot was taken. The idea of harnessing … Continue reading

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and you think printer …

Toronto. The massive Japanese company, Epson, is known for its printers and other electronic accessories. But it also hosts the annual photographic contest called, “The EPSON International Pano Awards” with its traditional large number of categories and prizes. Their 11th … Continue reading

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the big picture

Toronto. As executives, we were often told to consider “the big picture”. Well, in the first half of the last century, that was more than buzzwords! In the day, panorama photos were popular as a means to take groups – … Continue reading

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EPSON International Pano Awards Winners

Toronto. My thanks to Bob Lansdale for alerting me that Epson has announced its 2017 panorama awards winners. ¬†Have a look and see the remarkable range of award winning photographs. Show at right is the Ten Huts panorama which won … Continue reading

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Vancouver panoramas

Toronto. George Dunbar found this link to a number of old Vancouver panoramas¬†in the City of Vancouver Archives and sent it to me last Tuesday. While I have done a few posts on the panoramas (Clocks for Seeing,Groupies,W. J Moore … Continue reading

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Clocks for Seeing

Toronto. My friend and photographer Harold Staats sent me this interesting link last Saturday to the Firman Gallery. Like Harold, David Firman is a photographer. David had a couple of photographs on display up in Ottawa at the NRC in … Continue reading

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W. J Moore Panorama Photographs

Toronto, August 12, 2013. I am a fan of BC’s public television. Occasionally the Vancouver station (Knowledge Network) shows a brief story featuring a Vancouver area panorama by W J Moore. If your TV able etc company doesn’t carry Knowledge … Continue reading

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