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lest we forget …

Toronto. The first world war – the war to end all wars – ¬†ended one hundred years ago today. Armistice was November 11 at 11 am. For many years we have celebrated Remembrance Day. Like most families, I have ancestors … Continue reading

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a century ago

Toronto. A century ago the Great War in Europe was winding down. Many of my ancestors and those of my wife actively participated in the war. I can remember asking my grandfather Kelsey why he joined since he had a … Continue reading

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colour photography in WW1

. We seldom think of colour photography dating back to the earliest days, but it did. Louis Ducos du Heron born in 1837 predicted all the colour processes ever used. We (I) never think of colour photography before the late … Continue reading

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Can you spot the photographer?

Toronto. What a difference a century makes! The millennials of today with their ubiquitous smart phones are everywhere! A commercial jet lands on the Hudson river? Click! Click! Click! … A car crash occurs on the 401? Click! Click! Click! … Continue reading

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Colouring Historic Photographs

Toronto. George Dunbar sent me this link showing colourized versions of historic Canadian photographs in the days when any practical photography was shot in black and white. It is fitting that this image at left is from the Great war. … Continue reading

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Photographic Canadiana Issue 42-3

Toronto. This is our second issue using the new format. Our cover photograph of the 1800s Coffin Block Building is discussed in this issue by editor Lansdale. There is a brief text and photo essay about our fall fair. For … Continue reading

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The shot heard around the world

On June 28, 1914 Arch Duke Ferdinand of Austria and his wife were assassinated in Sarajevo. A month later the war to end all wars began in Europe. I had grandfathers and uncles sign up with the Canadian army. My … Continue reading

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