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Stanley, I presume?

Toronto. About three years ago I did a post on Stanley park’s beautiful and massive old trees showing an ancient (today) automobile nestled in the trunk. Here you see another huge tree, this time shrouding a horse and rider! The … Continue reading

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the dark slide of the room

Toronto. Plate holders and later film holders became common in the later 1800s and early 1900s to protect sensitized emulsions from unexpected exposure to light. These clever gadgets, which came with a dark slide that could be removed for exposure … Continue reading

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stretching it

Toronto. Good friend, PHSC member, and photographic historian George Dunbar shared this bit of whimsey with me. The February 1928 issue of “Science and Invention” included an article titled, “Enlarging Photos by Stretching” attributed to an “A W Herbert”. Herbert … Continue reading

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a little BIT more

Toronto. Over the years from photography’s beginning in 1839 to current times there have been a few trends. Cameras have gotten smaller. Images became more realistic beginning with monochrome photos across part of the visible spectrum, then across all of … Continue reading

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nailed it!

Toronto. In the 1970s while living in Montreal, I saw a newspaper ad and went off one weekend to the English enclave of Montreal West to look at a Kodak 3A autographic folder. The camera complete with case cost $25. … Continue reading

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lighting up history

Toronto. Around a century ago and earlier, cameras used glass plates to hold the sensitive media. Since the luminance values were reversed, the image on the plate was a negative. To view the image you needed an educated eye, and … Continue reading

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Lost America Found

Toronto. Today we have a multitude of old photos – nameless people and places, Some faded, some still pristine like the sample at the left. When I was a kid in Barrie, Joe Waterer had a camera store downtown called … Continue reading

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A Source of Sharp Old Prints

Toronto. PHSC member and regular contributor to our web site, Sarah Shrigley, sent me an interesting email back in early July. Included in the email were many century old prints of American scenes, all quite sharp. While I cannot show¬†her … Continue reading

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