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the shadow knows…

Toronto. I remember as a child of seven or eight listening to radio dramas. One was called “The Shadow” and ┬áhis alter ego, “Lamont Cranston”. Like Cranston, the tell of a flash photograph with the flash gun mounted on a … Continue reading

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coat-tail advertising

Toronto. Modern day advertisers “sponsor” athletes, movies etc. and join them in advertisements. Well known athletes at the top of their game promote sporting gear implying that using gear by that company will enhance your chances of winning too. Mid … Continue reading

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shine a light on me 2

M2 PowerMite flash bulb ad in LIFE magazine Toronto. In the 1950s one big opportunity was assisting amateurs to make night or indoor shots. General Electric (GE) was well respected at the time for manufacturing light bulbs. They saw two … Continue reading

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lighting the way

Toronto. Tom Edison’s company got into the blossoming flashbulb era of the 1950s and 60s as shown in a September 6, 1954 LIFE magazine two page spread (pp30, 31). One of our society’s presidents and founders, the late┬áLarry Boccioletti, shown … Continue reading

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GE Exposure Meter Ad in Late 1945

Toronto. The advertisement for the GE exposure meter DW-28 in LIFE (Dec 17, 1945) was the third of three ads sent to me the other day by George Dunbar. In late February I did a series of posts on determining … Continue reading

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