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what were they thinking?

Toronto. Today, we all take photography for granted. Images are shot endlessly to record things once written, or capture family moments, or pets, or property changes, etc. We leave news, tv, political, formal portraits, etc. images to the professionals. With … Continue reading

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that’s how the light gets in – II

Toronto. When the Daguerreotype process was announced in January 1839, it was so slow that only still life and landscape views could be recorded. The news of the process speed resulted in a two direction thrust: chemically, to enhance the … Continue reading

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Sarah and George

Toronto. It was spring, 1954 and I was in what would become my last year of formal school for a decade. In its April 26, 1954 issue,  LIFE magazine offered two stimulating articles for photographers and photo-historians. The portrait of … Continue reading

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Daguerre by Gernsheim

Toronto. Dover Publications in New York made their name by reproducing select out of print books (those strange things you can read without recourse to technology … ) in soft cover using signature sewn pages and quality paper. Today books … Continue reading

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180 years later

Toronto. 180 years ago next January the world received the astonishing news that Louis Daguerre had invented a way to capture an image using the power of the sun and more, he had given his method to the world for … Continue reading

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A Puzzle Solved

Toronto. Back on March 10th, I posted George Dunbar’s Photo History based crossword puzzle. For those readers who were unable to solve things, George has offered this solution. As noted before, the puzzle background is the famous Paris street scene … Continue reading

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New (Old) Lomography Art Lens

Toronto. Katherine Phipps from Lomography sent me an email last month. The company plans to offer a two element in one group f/2.9, 64mm brass lens with waterhouse stops. The lens is named a Daguerrian achromat and signed as a Chevalier … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Louie!

France, November 18, 1787. Bob Lansdale sent over a note from the Daguerreian Society. The famous creator of the Daguerreotype was born this day 225 years ago! You can see a bit more information on Beverly Wilgus’ post here for … Continue reading

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Newsletter 13-6

Toronto November 15, 2013. Editor David Bridge has been at it again to bring you another colourful issue of the newsletter. This image packed edition brings news of November’s speaker, Shannon Perry, and a review of last month’s movie by … Continue reading

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Paris… in the fall

Toronto, October 25, 2013. Editor Bob Lansdale is back from the Daguerreian convention in France, home of the beginnings of photography. Bob shot many images of the Gallic city and his fellow members of the Daguerreian Society. You can see … Continue reading

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