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east side, west side

Toronto. Fall is here. The last day of the CNE for this year is the air show today. The Toronto Sun ran an article by Mike Filey and this old postcard for the occasion last Saturday. Mike was an early member … Continue reading

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CNE and Cinematographe

Toronto. Cinema and Movies seem so passé these days of TV, streaming, and smartphones but over a century ago movies where the newest means of education and entertainment. The CNE was known as the “Toronto Industrial Exhibition” in those days … Continue reading

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16×20 and all that stuff

Toronto. When was the last time you made a big print? Never is the most likely answer when everything today is digital – unless you are an old coot like me. Around 1985, I decided to decorate my office with … Continue reading

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CNE Gooderham Fountain

Toronto. Every year the arrival of the “EX” mid August signifies the end of summer. And the end of the “EX” after labour day with the air show tells us in the city that fall is upon us. This photograph … Continue reading

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A Few Musings by George Dunbar

Toronto. My friend George Dunbar sent me a note after he visited this year’s CNE. His observations fit in with the posts I have been making over the last while – often based on material George himself provided. He muses here … Continue reading

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