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China through British eyes in 1980s

Toronto. Russ Forfar often alerts me to interesting scientific concepts potentially of use in future photographic endeavours. This time Russ sent me a note on a new book by the British photographer Adrian Bradshaw. Adrian has been interested in China … Continue reading

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Cameras in Use

Toronto. George Dunbar sent me an email with a few images showing various photographs of cameras in use. Over the years, I have collected a few images. Almost all are portraits or family groups. Taking photographs of workers in action … Continue reading

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Spring? I Shutter at the Thought :-)

Toronto. Friend and PHSC member Russ Forfar passed along this note from Karim Amrani. Perhaps you can find such a service in Canada. The value will depend on the cost vs. the camera and shutter. “I’ve had broken springs in … Continue reading

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