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picture idea of the week…

Toronto. The marketeers were at it again in this ¬†advertisement for Kodak (page 90) back in the August 29th, 1960 issue of LIFE magazine. Kodak made its money on film, paper, and supplies, so it went to great lengths to … Continue reading

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blossoms without petals

Toronto. I am truly blessed having so many post ideas sent to me. This one came in Thursday from Goldie. In November 1954, two manufacturers took out ads in LIFE magazine but neither company used cameras in their ad. On … Continue reading

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Kodak Girl

Toronto. Thanks to George Dunbar for mentioning the Kodak Girl. I did another post on the same topic last February under the title Smart Advertising. The comic Peanuts by the late Charles Schulz uses Lucy to say it best while … Continue reading

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camera magazines

Toronto. Before the days of the internet, manufacturers and importers needed some way to advertise their wares. Many makers used traditional camera magazines or annuals like the British Journal Photographic Almanac (often available at our fairs). The only down side … Continue reading

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