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what’s in your wallet?

Toronto. Not to be out done by Airequipt, Argus posted a two page spread (pp 10, 11) in the November 30, 1962 issue of LIFE magazine offering 10,ooo free prizes in the “ARGUS HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY”. The offer was limited to … Continue reading

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le film noir

Toronto. In film technology (or analogue as they say today), the lower the sensitivity the finer the grain and the harder the contrast. Lomogaphy have announced “The Fantôme Kino B&W ISO 8 35 mm Film”. This new film, at such … Continue reading

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and the winner is …

Toronto. Mid last century, companies worked hard to win a larger slice of the amateur photo market – especially in the USA, We saw where give-a-ways of non competing products for a few dollars and proof of purchase were used, … Continue reading

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same old… same old…

Toronto. In the 1950s, Samoca cameras were sold in a variety of models – all very similar, so the saying was that SAMOCA stood for SAMe Old Camera. Thanks to Ed Warner at the December meeting for bringing a quartet … Continue reading

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no direction home

Toronto. The c1937 sub miniature camera called the Compass is designed in the UK and made in Switzerland. It uses 35 mm film (cut or roll) in a full frame format. The design is the opposite of the 35mm camera … Continue reading

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100 feet of Pan-X

Toronto. I mentioned a while back that bulk film loads saved money. You spoolled just what you needed in 24 or 36 frame increments using new, used, or special cassettes – and a bulk film loader plus a reel of … Continue reading

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they’re coming, they’re coming

Toronto. Not the Russians like the old movie title, but the Japanese camera makers. Until after the Korean War in the early 1950s, the Japanese industry made little inroads in the west. This changed when Americans discovered the Nikon F … Continue reading

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roll your own

Toronto. When film and 35mm cameras were all the rage, a significant savings could be realized by buying bulk 25, 50, or 100 foot rolls of 35mm film, In the darkroom, the film roll was placed in a light tight … Continue reading

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International Radio Corporation

Toronto. In the 1930s, a small company in Ann Arbor, Michigan began manufacture of the latest, greatest thing – home radios. Their fresh egg was using Bakelite plastic for cabinets instead of expensive wood or metal cabinets. Their less expensive … Continue reading

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sprocket rocket

Toronto. A century ago the panorama print was popular. Cameras like the Cirkut models could turn about the lens nodal point while affixed to a tripod by using gears and a spring wound motor. This format is common place today. … Continue reading

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