come a little bit closer II

Photo of Toronto photographers in front of their studio (Alexandra Studios) c1920 courtesy of the Toronto Archives

Toronto.  … to paraphrase Jay and the Americans back in 1964, but I don’t think the band had the Turofsky’s in mind.Previously, I mentioned Marty Robins and this line…

We tend to Google for information on photography and cameras. While this approach is informative and helpful, don’t forget the other local resources in your pursuit of photographic history such as libraries, museums and archives both city, provincial, federal, and educational.

Toronto Archives is one such resource. It has a rich collection of images related to Toronto photographic history in its fonds. The Turofsky brothers who operated out of the Alexandria Studios donated many of their negatives and prints to the archives’ fonds.

The example at left is one such photo placed online for the pleasure of all.

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fin de decade

1870 – Lady posing on a Velocipede

Toronto. Lorne Shields was one of our speakers in December. Lorne brought his major bicycle image acquisitions for 2019 in both a printout copy and a thumb drive with digital files. A misunderstanding  between Lorne and Mark resulted in no laptop to read the thumb drive. Fortunately the printed versions served as an alternative.

An example of his acquisitions is the posed lady at left. She is sitting on a Velocipede. The original photo was printed about 1870.

Note: Lorne is our bicycle historian and is well known internationally for both his bicycles and photographs. He has a large collection in a museum in Gatineau (Ottawa). Drop Lorne a note care of me at if you have any needs or questions on bicycles, bicycle history, or bicycle photographs.


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Urban Exploration with a Camera January 15, 2020

Chris Luckhardt, Photographer

Toronto. Meeting, Wed, Jan 15 2020 at 7:00 pm
BURGUNDY ROOM, Memorial Hall

Urban Explorations with a Camera – Chris Luckhardt

Welcome to our first presentation of the new year! We are pleased to have Chris speak on Urban Exploration with a Camera. You can get an idea of his work here on Facebook or here on Flickr.

According to his ABOUT post on Facebook, “Chris Luckhardt is a globally acclaimed adventure photographer of abandoned places & empty spaces around the world. Published worldwide in many languages.”. Chris hopes to have his latest book in the stores this year.

The public is always welcome. Go to our Programs page for times and directions.

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PHSC News 19-07

A case for Canon

Toronto, Time for another great edition of our favourite newsletter – The January 2020 edition of PHSC News went out this past Friday. The number 19-07 shows this is the seventh edition for the nineteenth year! Click here or the case image at left to see this edition!

Editor Sonja Pushchak and her contributors start the new year in fine fashion. The first page, Coal Casualty, recognizes the 2019 Young Wildlife Photographer, Cruz Erdmann of New Zealand and his photo of a Big Fin Reef squid. This is followed by Concise Cunningham – Bill Cunningham and his shots of fashion on the streets of New York. Ghosts of Parties Past looks to photos of past New Year’s parties and how January 1st became known as the beginning of the year,

The Toronto File covers things ill-advised while David’s Equipment Review discusses the Olympus digitals and the high dynamic range of all digital sensors. Louise adds a trio of photo related links for your consideration (complete with hot links) in WebLinks.

This issue wraps up with PHSC Presents (including Chris Luckhardt at this month’s meeting) and PHSC Events, while Vi and Dot explain the white room and The Classifieds offer ads of interest to photo historians.

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10 commandments and US presidents

First Commandment… by Dina Goldstein

Toronto. Many people believe in the 10 commandments in one way or another. Vancouver based photographer Dina Goldstein used models (look-a-likes) to set scenes showing the ten commandments and selected presidents and first ladies. At left, featuring Sue Sparlin as a model for “the Donald”, is the first commandment tableaux.

The Saturday, January 4, 2020 Globe and Mail had an article by Marsha Lederman of Vancouver on the photographer and her series. On Goldstein’s website. Sonja Baksa writes, ” This fall [2019], the Canadian-Israeli artist DINA GOLDSTEIN is set to release her most controversial series yet, THE 10 COMMANDMENTS. Continue reading

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Tommy, can you hear me

Fairchild Cinephonic 8mm System ad in LIFE

Toronto. By the fall of 1960, Camera and material makers had tried hard to attract new amateurs to the photography fold. Slides, colour negatives, colour prints, movies, flash, built-in exposure meters, hand held exposure meters, pictures-in-a-minute, and more! All efforts worked to expand the use of photography by amateurs.

Fairchild even tried 8mm movie sound using special film and cameras. Their camera and projector were expensive at the time. This ad (page 55)  from the October 10, 1960 issue of LIFE magazine is a fine example of the short lived phenomenon of home movies in sound. Just think of the complexity involved (a snap today for anyone with a smartphone or digital camera…).

Thanks to George Dunbar for this reminder of yesteryear and a fad that drowned in its own complexity. The title is from the song of the same name in the 1969 rock opera and 1975 film Tommy by the Who.

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taking care of business

3D printer part makes film usable

Toronto. Winnepegger Randy Bachman has a great night time music program on the CBC Radio. When he was a member of the Bachman Turner Overdrive band, their song Taking Care of Business was a big hit.

In a similar spirit, Les Smith showed how he made the best of new Lomography colour film by taking care of business. Unable to get the correct width of film, he bought the 35mm size to fit a special holder he made for a Brownie Hawkeye camera from the 1950s.

He demonstrated his successful adaption at our December meeting. Great work Les!

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picture idea of the week…

Kodak ad in LIFE August 29, 1960

Toronto. The marketeers were at it again in this  advertisement for Kodak (page 90) back in the August 29th, 1960 issue of LIFE magazine. Kodak made its money on film, paper, and supplies, so it went to great lengths to encourage their use.

As an example, this Kodak LIFE ad promoted the use of photos to enhance letters to others, pre dating modern digital images and emails by decades.

Thanks to George Dunbar for the idea and ad.

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mystery photo

who is that man?

Toronto. At our December meeting, Margaret offered a mystery photograph she bought years ago at 10 Editions (I used to visit this bookstore when it was at the corner of Runnymede and Bloor in Bloor West Village.

There were many old books on microscopy, photography, nature, etc. Sadly the owner moved to just below U of T buying out another used bookseller and I quit visiting).

The late owner of 10 Editions was a member of the PHSC at one point.

Margaret kept offering hints and finally the person was identified as the prolific author, Georges Simenon, creator of the well known detective called Maigret.

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lady in red

Mother Christmas by Douglas Kirkland

Toronto. I originally thought this post’s title could be Pretty Woman, based on the late Roy Orbison’s song “Oh Pretty Woman” but the I decided Chis de Burgh’s song “Lady in Red” was more suitable.

As shown, the photo is actually titled “Mother Christmas” and photographed by Douglas Kirkland. A fitting photo for this festive season. You can have a personal copy by visiting the European gallery called Galerie GADCOLLLECTION in Paris.

Oh yes, this and other examples of Masters of Photography are being exhibited there under the title Masters of Photography 2019 until the end of this month.

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