Photographic Canadiana Issue 42-3

Coffin Building Block - Toronto

Coffin Building Block – Toronto

Toronto. This is our second issue using the new format. Our cover photograph of the 1800s Coffin Block Building is discussed in this issue by editor Lansdale. There is a brief text and photo essay about our fall fair.

For camera enthusiasts, we cover John Kantymir’s example of the Ilex Falling Plate camera. In the days before film various mechanical ways were invented to allow photos to be taken in a quick sequence – falling plate technology was one such method.

The bulk of this issue is taken up with part one of Carla-Jean Stokes’ story and images on optimizing the AGO’s ¬†great war (WW1) photograph collection.

A quartet of book reviews suggest a Christmas gift for the reader while Toronto Notes reviews the September and October speaker presentations. Finally, we have a follow-up and caveat on the business arrangements of Mrs Fletcher.

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