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Leica 250 Camera

Leica 250 Camera

Toronto. My thanks to Russ Forfar for the following story featured on Petapixel.

Have you ever wondered who owns the most cameras? According to the Guinness Book of Records, the answer is Dilish Parekh of India.

At the time a short video was made of him and his collection, Mr Parekh owned over 4,500 cameras, bought for $15 US or less! Mr. Parekh states he will never sell his cameras.

His prize possession is a Leica 250 made decades ago for reporters. He estimates this camera alone is now worth $80,000 US or more.

If you happen to collect cameras, have a look. The sound track is in Mr. Parekh’s language with english sub-titles. A fascinating look at a collector and his thousands of models bought over many years.

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