PHSC Newsletter 16-3

Ian and Robert with their Graflex bargains at the auction.

Ian and Robert with their Graflex bargains at the auction.

Toronto. Editor David Bridge timed this nifty and informative edition to be issued a few days before our sixth annual trunk sale (held in memory of the late Larry Boccioletti). In addition to announcing the trunk sale, held this past Sunday, the newsletter carries my review of Robert Lansdale Junior’s gripping story of the CN Tower’s creation on the 40th anniversary of its opening this summer.

We follow with a review of the City of Waterloo Museum’s presentation of member Willy Nassau’s salute to photography called “Thru the Lens, Camera Obscura to Smartphone“. Editor Bridge was fortunate enough to attend the display in person.

The museum exhibit  is followed by a review of our 2016/7 program lineup. We are fortunate indeed to have visionary Les Jones take on the mantle of program director. Over twenty years ago Les was our program director and later our president. 

A photo essay of the very successful June Estate auction follows. Then we have the live photo links in Louise Freyburger’s popular column. Page 9 shows another of the then and now photos of PHSC members, this time our ex treasurer Judy Rauliuk and her long time husband Les Jones. Editor Bridge wraps up this latest edition with his usual What’s on: paragraphs.

In all, another  delightful send-off to a warm and cheery summer.

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