Letter to the Editor – Weegee

crayons-letterbundleToronto.  On October 21st, I wrote a post on Weegee. To my surprise, it resulted in this letter to the editor by my friend and fellow PHSC member, George Dunbar. George has a theory regarding the nickname Weegee, but it has nothing to do with the famous old Ouija Board!

George writes, “I’m a great fan of Weegee and his extraordinary photography (been studying his career since I first learned about him 65 years ago). There’s no doubt that I will soon be enjoying the Ryerson exhibit of Weegee the Famous.

“However, while the nickname Weegee is certainly unique, the origin may be based on myth. In Weegee’s early years, he assisted in a darkroom and used a squeegee in the process of drying prints. That common photo accessory and his small stature may have contributed to the youth’s nickname, Weegee.

Later in his career, after becoming a press photographer and arriving at some crime scenes before anyone else, the origin of his long-held nickname was altered and became part of the Weegee mystique.

George Dunbar.

N.b.The icon of letters for this post was borrowed from an American site, National Braille Press, devoted to writing for Children. Have a look at their charming site.

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