Weegee: Murder is My Business

WeegeeToronto. Arthur Fellig was a New York City photographer famous for his flash shots of crime scenes and his often arrival at a crime scene before the authorities (hence his nickname of Weegee, a phonetic version of Ouija Board. James Adams of the Globe and Mail wrote an Arts article on Friday, October 16, 2015 on this unique photographer and author.

While his work was passed off as far less than the quality images of Walker Evans or Edward Steichen, they have gained stature over time, showing the moody, noir underbelly of NYC of the 1930s and 40s.

The Ryerson Image Centre in downtown Toronto is featuring Fellig’s images through to December 13, 2015. Drop in and see Fellig’s strong images taken with a single flash and a 4×5 Speed Graphic.

Never modest, Weegee stamped the back of his prints with the logo “Credit Photo ┬áby Weegee the Famous” and dropped them off at the many New York City newspapers of the day.

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