shooting Arrows

AVRO Arrow drawing by unknown. Original resides in the Library and Archives Canada (LAC)

Toronto. One day as I sat on a runway at Toronto Peason, the pilot announced we could see the Avro Arrow to the side of our aircraft. Summarily scrapped by the Diefenbaker government, issues swirled around the decision – too costly; American influence; specifications insufficient; etc. etc.

Today, Lou Wise keeps the Arrow alive in memory. The Canada’s History site has a wonderful article written by Allan Britnell and posted August 13, 2015. called Shooting Arrows about the┬áteam from the AVRO film department.

This is the second post on the famous Canadian aircraft. I did one back on July 18, 2017 called A Broken Arrow and Photography. I owe both to the credit of my friend George Dunbar and his diligent search for photographic history.

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